Welcome to the application portal of the Karlsruhe School of Optics & Photonics (KSOP)

Are you interested in pursuing your Ph.D. at the graduate school of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) within one of the Research Areas of Photonic Materials & Devices, Quantum Optics & Spectroscopy, Biomedical Photonics, Optical Systems or Solar Energy? Then we are looking forward to receiving your application.

As an international student, the application process for a Ph.D. in Germany might be different from what you are used to and can seem very daunting. This portal will assist you and guide you through the process.

We receive many applications from highly talented candidates. The number of Ph.D. positions are limited due to availability of financial aid, support and research facilities offered.

Before starting the application process, please read the following information and the “Instructions for users” carefully.

To start the application process, please REGISTER. After confirming your registration by email, you can log on to your profile and start completing the online application form. You can modify and edit your application profile within the application period as long and as often as you like until you submit your application. After you have submitted your application, changes are no longer possible.

Before starting the application process, we recommend that you have the following documents scanned and ready for upload:

Curriculum Vitae*

Your curriculum vitae should be 1-3 pages long and list the details of your education, academic history, and previous research activities, volunteer experience, posters, publications, awards and scholarships, international experience, and work experience ( including internships).

High school diploma*

Please submit copies of your high school diploma.

Bachelor / Undergraduate certificate*

Please submit copies of your Bachelor’s certificate.

Master’s certificate*

Please submit copies of your Master’s certificate. If you do not have your final certificates at the moment please provide provisional certificates.

Transcripts of records Bachelor’s degree*

A transcript is an official summary of your academic performance. Please submit copies of your transcripts for your Bachelor’s degree.

Transcripts of records Master’s degree*

A transcript is an official summary of your academic performance. Please submit copies of your transcripts for your Master´s degree.

Letter of motivation*

Please provide a well-prepared and structured text of no more than one page on why you want to become a KSOP member to the selection committee.


Please attach a passport-sized photograph.

Letters of recommendation (may be sent in via email, please check different access routes for exact requirements)

Letters of recommendation by university professors or other faculty members, who are well acquainted with your academic work, are required. When applying, please provide the names, affiliations, and contact data of all your referees.

Other documents that prove your qualification (e.g. English language proficiency test certificate, etc., optional)

e.g. publications, posters, English language proficiency test certificate, etc.

University entrance qualification (optional)

If you are from a country that requires students to take university entrance tests, please submit a copy.

Ranking of graduates (in the final year, optional)

Students of non-German universities are asked to submit a ranking of graduates of the final year, i.e., one’s study performance in relation to fellow students.

APS certificate (for applicants from Vietnam, China, Mongolia)

APS is a procedure to check the qualifications of applicants from Vietnam, China and Mongolia for admission into German higher education. Please submit a copy.

Abstract of research interest*

Please write a summary of your planned research (max. 1,500 characters, incl. spaces).

Acceptance as a doctoral researcher at the faculty (optional)

Please submit a copy of the letter of acceptance at the faculty.

Cover Letter (optional)

A one-page document explaining the applicant's credentials and interest in the open position.

We are looking forward to receiving your application.
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* Mandatory. Should you not have all documents at hand, you may submit some of them at a later time (if there is an application deadline for an advertised position, it must be submitted within the deadline).


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